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The point of any discussion is not to amplify disagreement. The point of a discussion is to move in the direction of understanding. The goal of communication is not to get every person to adopt one particular view or another. The goal is to arrive at an outcome that takes all views into account. You do not win by shouting the loudest. You win by building mutual respect, civility, and cooperation. You do not win by making someone else look foolish or hypocritical. You win by reducing the incentive for anyone to act with foolishness or hypocrisy. Every person is a bundle of assumptions, and no one's assumptions are all completely accurate. The most fruitful, value-creating interactions occur when there is genuine acknowledgement, on all sides, of that reality. Understanding improves the quality of life for those who seek it and engage in it. With humility, with empathy, with respect, let that be your goal. Any real value that comes to you must come through you. To experience any kind of abundance, is a matter of becoming the lens through which that abundance is focused. Every moment is bursting with all sorts of possibilities. Yet relatively few of those possibilities ever become reality. The possibilities that do become reality, do so as the result of being infused with meaning and purpose. That is precisely what you have the opportunity to do. From a world of possibilities, you are able to choose those that are the best. And because they have real meaning for you, with your focus and effort you can bring them to life.

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