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We have all heard "Failure is the first step to success." It is rightly said so, as that's where it all starts from. There are hardly any great personalities in this world who haven’t faced failures and rejections. What must have encouraged them to tirelessly keep striving in spite of the endless hardships? The 'acceptance'  that they have unaccomplished their goal, at that moment. However, their success isn't solely the acceptance of failure, but to their perspective of looking at it and the will to get back stronger the next time. Truly successful people are those who think that they have got yet another opportunity to prove themselves in the form of rejection. "Not getting the desired result at a particular stage because you have something even better in store for you"  is how you can simply define "failure." When you leave no stone unturned to achieve your aim and still fail at it, it always turns out to be for a better something. Life is generous enough to bless you with the fruit of persistence you deserve. Be patient, do your best and forget the rest. Failure never fails to give us valuable lessons and experiences in life.  

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