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This moment is important, and so is the rest of your life. Be good to now, and be good to later. Don't let your obsession with the particulars of this moment diminish your future possibilities. And don't let your focus on the future take away from the treasures of this moment. Instead, make those choices that are positive for now and also positive for later. It's a valuable kind of balance that's well worth your effort to maintain. Yes, often you must prioritize your time, resources, thoughts, and activities. Yet you can find ways to do so without compromising your current or future possibilities. If you live only for the moment, there's nothing to sustain you when the moment is over. If you live only for the future, you miss out on all the beautiful moments along the way. You're fortunate enough to realize that now is where you are and the future is where you'll be. And you're skillful enough to give value and fulfillment to both. When you start to get angry, or frustrated, or impatient, consider for a moment the truly important things in your life. Ask yourself if the frustration or inconvenience of the moment is even worth your time and energy. Often we react out of habit, and get all worked up about things which really don't even matter. Such behavior wastes an enormous amount of energy which could instead be directed toward the really important things. As you start each day, before you get caught up in the deadlines, the need to, the have-to and the want-to things, take a moment to think of what’s really important to you. Put it all in perspective. Keep your eye on the big picture, and then all the little things will help you move toward it.

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