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Preserve the heath of your muscular system by developing habits that reduce muscle stress and  
Improve muscle function and strength. Here is how stretch. One type of stretching that can give  
your muscle a relaxation is static stretching. It helps in relaxing muscles and improving flexibility.  
For best results, focus on each muscle for least thirty seconds once or twice a day. Stretch after
Warming up or working out. Never stretch before you workout. Resistance Training. Lifting weights does not have to be synonymous with the bodybuilding bulk you. See in magazines. Weight training
Strengthens muscle fibers. Increasing your muscle mass boosts metabolism and gives stabilization
and protection to joints. Which means you will have more energy and you will burn more calories  
and fat. Resistance training does not always have to happen at the gym. Any time you get up and move your body and seek to actively engage your muscles in activity means that your are working
on muscle tone and activation and this will help in maintaining your overall muscle health.
Breathing. It is okay to relax and breathe it out. While lifting weights, remember that when you are  
Doing the most work it is the time to exhale. For example if you are doing a pushup, breathe out when
you are pushing. Naturally over time you will find that it is automatic for you to exhale during
exertion. Drink Water. Folks, you might have heard it hundred times but it is so important. Water
flushes the toxins and bacteria in your muscles out and decreases joint pain by keeping the
cartilage soft. The best rule of thumb to know how much water your body needs is to look at the  
color of your urine when using the restroom. Massage. I do not need to tell you that massage is a
powerful therapy for muscle heath. Massages should definitely be added to your fitness plan if you want
to maximize results and muscle recovery. Not only does it help with muscle recovery, but its also  
beneficial for improving range of motion, flexibility and muscle tone while helping them to heal from
micro tears and injuries more quickly. But Even More Than That, Here is How massage helps maintain muscle elasticity, performance, response and flexibility through delivery of heat, blood and oxygen to your muscles and soft tissues. Massage therapy and other physical therapies coupled with active movement,
and exercise can work together to maintain better physical performance and help recovery more
quickly from physical injury. Massage helps Break up the Fuzz that is keeping your muscles from
functioning properly. A Practiced Massage Therapist can assist you in stretching and, move, or reach
yourself such as your low back that is under your shoulder blades, the back of your and shoulder  
blades, the back of your neck and shoulders and your hamstrings, etc. You can work with your comfortability to get your muscles to release. Therefore freeing up your muscles to move and act your heart desire without restriction or pain.

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