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Imagine being able to celebrate the things you now criticize. Imagine being able to praise the things you now complain about. Imagine letting go of your anger, and then opening your eyes to what the anger has prevented you from seeing. Imagine listening to someone you disagree with, and finding common ground. What if your negative perceptions could transform into valuable, practical, positive insights? What if you could move past assumptions that too often have held you back? Much, much more is possible than you now realize. Help yourself to explore and fulfill the best of those possibilities. Expand your concept of who you are, of what you can do, of what is good and beautiful. Deepen your understanding of truth and your connection to all that is. Imagine beyond all you've dared to imagine. And live in a place that exceeds your highest expectations. What is difficult and what is easy? Very often, it's nothing more than a matter of your perception and your attitude. When you decide that something is difficult, you're sending a message to yourself that you expect to struggle with it. And whatever you expect, you are indeed likely to get. What usually makes something difficult is your reluctance to do it.

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