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It is unfair that one person is skilled at making bread while another is skilled at growing vegetables. Yet from that unfairness can come a very tasty meal. It is unfair that some people have more wealth than other people. However, out of that unfairness arise ambition innovation new value and ongoing progress. Some unfairness is intentionally and malevolently maintained. Much of it, though, is a necessary consequence of the fact that every person is unique. Just because life is unfair, that's no reason to reject its abundant, diverse possibilities. Just because many of life's underpinnings are unfair, is no reason to tear them all down. You don't ever have to see life's unfairness as an excuse to hide behind. You can choose instead to see it as a challenge to rise above. Rather than letting unfairness get you down, let the richness of life's possibilities push you upward. And fulfill the unique potential, live the special value, that is yours to experience. Life is immense. If you could see the entire universe all at once it would be overwhelming. Everything you know and can comprehend fits, with room to spare, in just a tiny, obscure corner of creation. There is always something new to discover. There is always another possibility. There is always more than you can see. The wonder never ends. No matter how vast your horizons may seem to be, you can always expand them further. Whatever limits you may have known in the past can be transcended. Whatever borders you have lived within can be crossed. You’ll never run out of room to grow. There will never be any shortage of ideas to explore, or paths to follow.

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