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Mother Teresa was a Roman Catholic ascetic who spent her life helping the poor and needy. He spent most of his life in Kalchuta, where he also founded many social organizations. Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize only in 1979 and since then she became quite popular.   He had great faith in God. They did not have much money or property but they had concentration, faith, trust and energy that happily assisted them in helping poor people. She used to walk barefoot on the roads for the care of poor people. Constant work and hard work had exhausted her, yet she never gave up.
        Coming to India, he gave the true love of a mother to the oppressed and suffering from social disdain. Mother Teresa became the icon of God for lepers, disabled, aged and poor children. The flies that leaked from the body of the lepers, the flies buzzed on the wounds who were alive in the desire for death, which the society despised, to pass near them was also difficult for a grown-ups, but Mother Teresa was not an ordinary world. He not only touched those lepers but also served them well.
        In a very devoted spirit, like a devotee absorbed in devotion to God. Mother Teresa was a devotee of the afflicted, she did not meet her body. There was such an ocean of love rising in his heart that patients started to think of themselves as sick. Mother Teresa had only one religion, human service. She used to keep the spirit of all religion, equanimity in humbleness. Hundreds of their service-purpose life obstacles occurred, but they have acquitted these obstacles. There are bound to be obstacles in the beginning of every good work. Obstacles only give the courage to move towards the objective. Mother Teresa overcame many such obstacles with her perseverance, service and affection.
Mother Teresa is not biased in the service of Dalits and Victims. They have visited the world to increase harmony. They believe that 'the hunger for love is greater than the hunger for bread. Inspired by his mission, self-servants from different parts of the world came to India and started serving the poor with body, mind and money. Mother Teresa says that service work is a difficult task and requires full support. Only those people who can do this work show the love and consolation feed the hungry give shelter to the homeless, love the destitute with love be ready to plant the disabled at all times.

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