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If you don't have much energy, start to use whatever energy you do have. You're sure to get more. When you can't muster the enthusiasm to take action, go ahead and take action anyway. The enthusiasm will come. Whatever you must do, you don't have to wait to feel like it. Because very quickly, what you do will change the way you feel. Loan yourself some enthusiasm, some energy, some hopefulness some ambition. You'll soon be paying yourself back, with interest. Rise up literally physically stand straight look forward. Change the quality of your experience and you'll immediately change the state of your attitude, of your spirit. You can feel the way you choose to feel, the way you choose to act. So choose to feel vigorous, energetic, and purposeful by acting that way, and give life all the good things you can give it. Don't wish for things to be easy. Work to make things good and meaningful. A life of nothing but ease and comfort is a life not fully lived. Sure, it's good to be comfortable, yet it is essential to also have real substance in your life. If your goal is to reach the point where you have no responsibilities, you will find that place to be highly unsatisfying. Making a difference is what you do best, and making a difference makes life good. A life with no challenge is a life with no fulfillment. Doing only what is easy can quickly rob you of your sense of purpose. You cannot fully experience or appreciate life's sweetness if you completely avoid its sometimes-bitter realities. Some of the world's most beautiful places are also some of the most difficult places to reach.

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