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All three newborn babies were infected by Corona virus, and there were no deaths.
They were clear of Covid-19 in a matter of days after treatment.  
A newborn has tested positive for the coronavirus Friday, marking what appears to be the second such case as the pandemic worsens.
The London infant’s mother was rushed to a local hospital days before giving birth over fears she had contracted pneumonia, The Sun reported Friday.
Her coronavirus test came back positive only after she had given birth; her baby was tested minutes later.
They are being treated at separate hospitals as health care professionals investigate whether the baby contracted the illness while in the womb or after birth, the outlet said.Back in early February, another infected mother in China gave birth to a baby who was also confirmed to be infected, the BBC reported at the time. And a very young child, an 18-month-old boy in Hong Kong, has also tested positive for the virus after both parents had tested positive, according to a report Thursday. There have been more than 137,000 cases reported worldwide along with more than 5,000 related deaths.
President Donald Trump said in a TV interview that as a parent he finds it “very hard” to talk about the coronavirus pandemic particularly with his youngest son, 14-year-old Barron.
“He is a wonderful young boy, but the others are old enough they can see for themselves,” the president told Sean Hannity on Fox News late Thursday, referring to his older kids,  
“It’s very hard talking about a thing like this because it is so negative, it is death and you don’t like discussing it and you hope they can always handle it in some way but people are they grow up and nobody said there has not been anything like this in this country,” Trump added.

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