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The biggest challenge is for China and India, the two largest population countries among the world-wide infection of the corona virus. China-born Corona virus infection has engulfed a large part of the world. China, which has faced criticism for the Corona virus infection, claims that it has controlled it to a great extent and is now ready to help other countries. The World Health Organization has also praised China's efforts. WHO says that now Europe and America have become centers of corona virus infection.
Italy has left China far behind in terms of deaths and now Spain too has overtaken China. In France and Britain, cases are increasing rapidly and America is not far behind in terms of infection.  The Indian government is also believing that the country's infrastructure is not ready for such a large population. There is a shortage of ventilators and a large number of people are not being tested.
Despite the decision of the lockdown, China has warned India and told how it can control the corona. According to the Global Times, China's CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) expert Zeng Guang has said that if India wants it to stop the spread of corona virus domestically, then it will have to stop the imported case. Imported case means to stop the virus spreading through people from outside. Recently, the leader of India's main opposition Congress, Rahul Gandhi, accused the Narendra Modi government that it delayed taking the decision.
If the first case in India was revealed in the last week of January, then why was there such a delay in taking strict decisions? Actually, in India, the corona virus spread through people from abroad. However, the government claims that it has still prevented it from spreading at the community level. But the increasing cases per day are also increasing the headache of the Government of India. Actually, the infection started from people who came from abroad, it has spread only to the relatives of those people and the people they came in contact with. The government wants to stop this chain from spreading at the community level by lockdown.
China has also taught India the same lesson that if it is to avoid taking a bigger form at the domestic level, then the imported case has to be stopped. Zen Guang also says that by effectively controlling the virus, India and China can show the world how they fought this battle.

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