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Google Doodle celebrates Banh Mi, the Vietnamese sandwich

created Thursday March 26, 03:54 by ThanhTuyn



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No one knows for sure how the banh mi, traditionally spelled banh mi, was created other than taking its inspiration from French cuisine, specifically their sandwiches made on baguettes. Expect the bread, all of the other ingredients of a banh mi are traditional Vietnamese ingredients and flavors like pork pate and pickled radishes. Like every other sandwich known to man, the Banh Mi can be made in a variety of different ways, with each restaurant or street vendor putting their own spin on it with different meats, veggies, spices and sauces.  
As for why Google has selected March 23rd to honor sandwich, we can thank the Oxford Dictionary for that. On this day in 2011, following its acceptance into our culture and our stomachs, "Banh Mi" was added to the Oxford English Dictionary.
In the doodle itself, artist Olivia Huynh depicts a spread of ingredients heavily inspired by the street vendors who spend their days handcrafting the banh mi for the hungry hordes at lunchtime.
In fact, if you've not yet had the privilege to try a banh mi, I personally recommend you consider having one delivered for lunch.  

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