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One of the main life-giving elements on Earth is oxygen. Water, which is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen, is equally important for our existence. These are the most basic requirements for living organisms. A living creature can go without food for a few days but it is difficult to survive for a long time without water. Without the presence of oxygen, survival is beyond question. We need a constant supply of this fresh air to enable all our body parts to function properly.
We get oxygen from plants. The plants around us extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the oxygen-giving life. The dense forests and lush gardens around us are a great source of oxygen. They continuously flush out oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide to maintain ecological balance. They also absorb other harmful gases from the atmosphere. This helps to keep the air alive and fit for organisms. That is why it is advisable to plant more and more trees. A large number of trees in the environment ensure a purer and better environment.
We get water from various sources. Earth surrounds the vast oceans which are the main source of water on the planet. A large number of rivers, lakes, rivers, seas and reservoirs are also available all over the planet. All these sources of water fall under the category of surface water. There is also plenty of ground water in the earth. It is water present below the surface of the earth. It leaks below the surface through porous rocks and mud. It is extracted by digging wells and constructing tube wells.
The water cycle, which occurs naturally, is the main reason that water is abundant in the earth. The water in the oceans evaporates due to the extreme heat of the sun. Surface water also evaporates from the sea, rivers and other sources. As the vapors rise and move into the atmosphere, they begin to cool and condense to shape the clouds Clouds become heavy as more and more vapors join and eventually burst. The rain from the clouds fills the rivers, seas and oceans again as rain. Rain water is called pure form of water. So, water is refilled naturally and is abundantly available in the atmosphere.

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