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Unemployment a Bane for Economy

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I submitted that not only work has to be made a legal right but all our policies have to be reoriented towards securing a phenomenon of employment. Here I must respectfully submit that there are various lacunae in our policy. We talk of a very fast economic growth. Yes, there has to be a fast economic growth, but I respectfully submit to this House that mere economic growth is not going to solve the question of unemployment. The economic growth has to be in a particular manner. I must say that what is needed is not merely a fast economic growth but that particular growth kind of growth which creates a vast employment potential. Unless that particular kind of growth which creates a vast employment potential is aimed at, I am afraid merely concept of the fast economic growth is not going to lead us to a position of full employment. Here we may look at our industrial policy. Industrial policy is expected to accelerate employment. An important aspect of our industrial policy is that which pertains to technology. The government is following a policy of indiscriminate technology upgradation in every sector. We now-a-days have the slogans of indiscriminate import of technology will be harmful to the concept of full employment. It is well known that technology imported from abroad has anti-labour and pro-capital bias. Indeed we have sectors and industries where modern technology is required. I am not here to deny that, but there has to be proper identification of these sectors, proper identification of these industries by allowing collaboration all along the line in every sector. We are opting for anti-labour and pro-capital policy even in areas where they can be avoided.  
    It must be regretted that projects are selected rather in a haphazard manner. There is no time limit even to complete the work. Many times assets are created and then very little is done to maintain those assets. For example, we know very well that at times roads come up under these programmes and are washed away in the very first monsoon. SO these are the things that have also to be properly gone into. I must with all respect emphasise the role of the private sector too in the generation of employment. A substantial part of private investment must be made to flow into the production of wage goods needed by the middle class and lower class people. There is of course a general allegation that the private sector caters to the needs of the upper classes only.  

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