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Some of the opportunities you have today, you may not have again for a very long time, if ever. Treasure them, appreciate them, live them now when you can. When you're able to make a difference, make it. When you're able to give kindness, give it. Looking back from tomorrow, or a year in the future, what will you wish you had done today? Right now is your one chance to make that wish come true. What, also, will you wish you had refrained from doing? That's another wish you can fulfill in advance, right now. This is when your life is lived. This is when you give love and value to all you love and value. Make the time, do the work, go to the trouble. Today's opportunities are yours right now, and only now. What would happen if you could be thankful for what you usually complain about? Think of the power in that. Transformation doesn't happen just because you want it to. Transformation requires you to think different, to act different than you've been acting. Are you perpetuating a pattern of negative thoughts and undesirable results in some area of your life? Gratitude smashes through that pattern, and positions you to rebuild it in a more beneficial way. Can you really express your thanks for those things that aggravate you? Yes, you can, and by doing so you transform aggravation into admiration, frustration into enthusiasm. Do you really want to keep complaining about what's wrong, or would you rather work on making it right? Gratitude harnesses what was negative energy and enables you to put it to positive use. Choose to be thankful.

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