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Wow, I really don't know what I'm doing.

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So... have you ever wondered what how stars form? (Probably most of you know this, but I'm only 12, so deal with it.)
Well, stars form almost how we give birth, but an interesting thing between.
When a star gets old enough, they ether, fade, or explode. If however, it explodes, there are tons of iron atoms squeezed super tight together making this cool show. This is when the magic happens with all of these elements and atoms together, they can form different stars. Thats how it passes on from generation to generation. (I really like explosions, so this is interesting to me... well almost all boys like explosions, but you get the point)
So all I have to say is, please like and favorite to let me know to make others that are probably better than this, but thats all I have to say for this text so... PEACE!!!

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