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Neha mind was running faster than the train was running. Like you are eager to live by the past. It is good that Mohit did not come with him other wise it would not be possible to think about it after losing so long. They cant see him silent even for a while probably because he loves him so much. Where does Neha like it even without him But today the thing is something else Today he is very happy because the mother has called him so that he and his father can come to live with him. He has waited so long to hear this from his mothers mouth and today when this opportunity has come the journey of four hours from Bhopal to Bina is taking him very long. He feels all the events like yesterday. Neha decided to visit her in laws with her mother in law just like a normal girl does. After completing his studies his mother father started looking for him. his studies that night when Pankaj came into the room and grabbed Nehas hand without tying any role she was lost in the sweet feeling of his first touch.  
Neha you are educated and intelligent that is why I agreed to marry you. You liked me at first sight and mother and father were also in a hurry to marry me so I did not say no to the wedding. Now you are my wife so I want to tell you something very openly.  
She was listening to Pankaj words very carefully because while leaving her house the mother had taught her that now she and her family are her world. Pausing a few pause Pankaj said in his eyes Actually my parents and I could not tell you one thing even after wishing that our marriage was in such a hurry. Daring you very much I hope you will not be angry. Ten days after our wedding was finalized I received an offer for a job in Australia where only I could go for the first six months. Only then I will be able to take you. Although according to my career this is a good opportunity but the problem is that I have to go the day before and I am sad that I will not be able to take you on a honeymoon too. Picking up Pankaj focused his eyes on Neha face as if waiting for her answer.
On the first night of marriage and in the dream of honeymoon flying like Neha suddenly came on the surface. The mother and sister in law learned to handle every relationship in the husbands house with patience. She was silent but not angry because she could not object to the husbands good career choices.

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