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If there is a formula for success, then it is not without the elements of hard work and dedication. Many people try to emulate the path of other people, keeping them as the benchmark for what success looks like. But it differs for every person, because each of us have our own journey. Also, the definition of success is different for everyone. Hence, everyone's motivation is also different. It is not enough to just watch motivational content online or read motivational books to feel good about yourself and your goals. These products are there to help you pump up on motivation, but they can only help if you are determined to follow through with your plan. Again, having a plan of action is important to achieve your goals because it helps you to visualise your journey as well as the desired end. Motivation can help you to make that goal and plan the journey. But dedication to your cause will help you to stick to it. Use products which help to motivate you, but then also actively learn from them. Gain insights from other people's stories to gauge how you can implement the learnings in your life. Make notes and figure out what action you can take to further refine your plan. But if you are not learning anything or taking any action then all the motivational content is no different than entertainment that your splurge your time on. Be motivated and be dedicated. A marriage of these two will take you further than most people in life and help you to tackle the obstacles which hamper your journey towards success.

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