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Stan Lee vs Jim Henson ERB part 1

created Feb 25th, 19:27 by SeymoreButz



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Stan Lee: Greetings Heroes! Stan Lee is here to battle! It's the mind behind The Hulk against the Geek beneath the Fraggles! I'm just your friendly Neighborhood Writer man, with the Secret Identity of a Super MC! Whose raps are as dark as my shades, leaving you squeling like MIMIMIMIMIMIMI! Your in troble now Jimmy, you Dirty old Hippe! Your beard needs a little bit of a Snikt, Damn Skippy! Heck, that face on Yo neck aint Shrexy, your have part Sweetums, the other part Skeksis! stand up to Lee and you get your Butt Kicked. Your muppet Snuffleupagus stuff is Bupkis! I broke Ferrigno and the Comic's Code so keep your Frog and Pig show movin' right along down the Road!
Jim Henson: Glad you got that out, that Anger can clutter your mind. But your a Creative Man, Stanley, so lets just leave it Behind.Cause I can sense your Tension and once the Verbal Fencing starts Commencing, theres no Defense 'gainst the Dents Jim Henson is dispensin'. And i'm clenching all your Strings like a puppet in Suspension.  Call your Super Hero friends in,(yeah) because you need Avenging. Let me mention, i'm impressed by all the vision it took, for you to Write your name (Kermit) on all of Jack Kirby's Comic Books!

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