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Star wars A Newer Hope The dark Jedi Ep 3

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After landing his ship he looks at the abandon planet what happened as he look in the sky. "What is that" boom the planet was being destroyed "why is every planet being destroyed" then he fainted later he was in the first orders ship "what the" then he used his force to destroy his prison but then the ship was being destroyed by a unknown presents he was talking to a metal storm trooper then they left but the storm trooper was still alive. rebel scum the storm trooper said then the Dark jedi Force choked the storm trooper then left the storm trooper to implode. he followed the presents and led him to a planet where a base was called the rebellion. as he landed a ship they were ambushed then the presents named finn shot at him of coarse he hid then he force choked a rebel and they said a sith "what no im not" after they found his weak spot they shot him.........ow wait he is a jedi. and then a few hours later he was sent to another ship to destroy the first order ship. To Be Continued  

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