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Learn to type FAST! 3

created Feb 25th, 18:17 by Wilmon Smith (STUDENT)



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so yeah. i made another one. oh and im sorry for the bad grammar on How to type FAST! 2 but ima make this one so i hope you enjoy
I hear you want to type fast. Well this is the typing test for you. just follow me |  
ok lets start the test.
Type at at least: 49 WPM
supreme whip cream parade sherades shades maids raid say tay tray lemonade list abyss cool tool mom tom dad dan tan ran ban type snipe and can
so, do you feel faster?
I mean theres other websites like TypingClub, Typing.Com and a lot more
so just go to those
oh, your still here  
ok  hm... let me think on what to do with this text
why dont you just type the words on the gray bar at the top ^
ok lets start!
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so how was that not that bad?
Listen i tried
I know this will be the last thing
Type the tool bar on the left  <  
ready set GO!
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Ok thats the end. Have a Good Day! :D

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