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Life of Quid Azam m. ali Jinnah  
Mohammad ali junnah the founder of Pakistan, was born on 25, December 1876, in a hose known as wazir mansion located in Karachi. His father’s name was jinnah ponja, and mother was mithibai, he belongs to a merchant family. He was great politican and a well-known lawyer of his time. He struggled a lot for the freedom of the muslims of sub-continent and on the behalf of his extraordinary efforts, he was rewarded with the title of “Quaid-e-efforts, he was rewarded with the title of Quaid-e-Azam mohammad ali Jinnah received his early education from Sindh madarsat ul islam and Christian missionary school. He went to England for higher education and got admission at lincoln’s in law school in London, AT the age of 20 he enrolled in Bombay high court when he came back to brithish india, he was the youngest one to enter the bar, where he started to take interest in political affairs of the nation and became famous in the next three years. The advocate general of of Bombay invited him to work for his bar and after six months offered a salary of 1500 rupees per month, which was the huge amount that time but he gently reuses the offer and stated that he planned to earn 1500 daily and proved it possible in future by his flawless efforts. But as a governor-general of newly state Pakistan, he fixed 1 rupee as his monthly salary. He was the man of the jusdiciary and sensible personality.  
Jinnah started his political career with Indian Natilonal congress in 1906, then after seven years, he joined the Muslin league. He struggled a lot to bring congress and Muslim league to work together buty at the same time, he found the culture of racialism in the sub-continent and realized that the muslims of the sub-continent are sacrificing their cultural and social rights under the british and hindis. Then he started hils efforts for the freedon of Muslims of british India and planned to create an independent state where muslims could feel the breath of freedom. The major strength was the unity of all muslims organizations in this freedom war, and it is the leadership of quaid e azam qhich unites all the muslims of the sub-continent on the same agenda of having a separate state. The creation of Pakistan is the result of bloodshed of thousands of freedom fighters as well as the leadership of Jinnah, Pakistan would not come into being without him.  
He was man of his words and the greatest spokensman, he always stood like a rock in fornt of opponents and never lay down. Gandhi called him “an impossible man “due to his determinacy over his principles. Junnah said: “Think a hundred times before you make a decision, but once that decision is taken, stand by it as one man” in 1930 he became an undisputed leader of all the Muslims of sub-continent and started to lead muslim league in 1933. In 1940pakistan resolution was drafted by muslim league at minar e Pakistan - Lahore which has been proved as a backbone in the war of freedom.  
After the Pakistan resolution passed, he worked day and night and did not worried about his health which was going down day by day, but he kept it secret and never and never disclosed it to anyone, his sacrifaice was not for his own interest but for the whole Muslim nation. It was due to his wise leadership and vigorous effort that Pakistan came into being on august 14, 1947. He was fighting with tuberculosis for many year but never made it his wekness, died on September 11, 1948, just 13 months after the creation of this beloved homeland.  

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