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Gratitude multiplies your possibilities. It compels you to see more than you'd otherwise see. Extend your gratitude beyond limited, specific things. Seek to create an abiding perspective of gratitude that applies to everything. Be thankful, and then be thankful for being able to be thankful. As you ascend in gratitude, your view of life's abundance becomes more expansive, more enlightened, more effective. With sufficient gratitude, what once would have appeared as an obstacle snaps clearly into focus as an advantage. What once would have drained you, now energizes you. Find new ways to be thankful. And you'll surely create new pathways to success. Make it your intention to live with increasing gratitude. Your experience of richness and fulfillment will keep pace. You have created many good and valuable things that you don't even know about. For the consequences of your actions go far beyond you. Many of the treasures in your life are things you are not yet ready to know or appreciate. They will be there waiting for you when you are ready. Each day you encounter opportunities for joy and fulfillment that you don't even recognize as such. Life encompasses much more richness than you can ever fully imagine. What you already know, is not all there is. And because of that, there is always room for growth. There is something in your world today that you can take to a higher level. There is some aspect of life's immeasurable abundance that you have the opportunity to uncover and experience.

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