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Marketers at Argos, Microsoft and City Bank have urged brands and start up organization to acknowledge that people now work for purpose that is not just money which they will need to recognize if they want to undergo a successful digital transformation. Roman Rock of Argos at Global Academy of Digital Marketing said having been part of two digital transformations that is BT and EE which involved three transformations within 18 months and has found that cultural change and process was crucial. He described the digital transformation at EE as done well but admitted there are still areas for improvement at Argos and a need for more honest conversations. Argos invested a quarted of a billion to transform but has not done anything to change its culture and practice as told by owner. They further added that they have new technology but unfortunately it has the same problems. He believes this is a problem many businesses experience when undergoing a digital transformation where they change their technology rather than make a real cultural change. Also talking at the event, Steven wood gate CMO UK at Microsoft agreed there is more to a digital transformation than technology and that purpose is playing an increasingly important role. There is a new wave of people coming in that will never earn as much as their parents. These people are working for purpose rather than money, so brand purpose it crucial as he said. As per him 65% of the roles that today students will go into do not exist yet. In order to deal with this, marketers need to be hiring people with a wide range of skills rather than those that are experts in one industry. Despite these jobs not yet existing he beleives the future is quite predictable and there has never been a better time to add value. He said potential or a freelance to bio-tracket. All things he reckons businesses can tart preparing for. Similarly citibank global head of digital marketing Simon kings north said companies need to hire people not for their experience as this can be taught but for them as a person. He also said that when dealing with employees marketers must understand that technology is nothing more than a facilitator. during further conversation Kings north clearly said that is not about technology that is just the enabler. You cannot launch social media without a process put in place. One need the customer service and website process to be perfected first. We have to understand style of human work along with technology and then find out effegtive solution to fit to work along with human.  

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