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A long time ago there was a kingdom of a majestic king in the far south. The king had three sons one day it came in the mind of the king that the sons should be given some education so that when the time comes they can take care of the kingdom. With this thought the king summoned all the sons to the court and said sons there is no pear tree in our kingdom I want you all to go in search of this tree at the interval of four months and find out that What is that like The three sons went in turn after receiving the kings orders and returned. On the return of all the sons the king again called everyone to the court and asked to tell about that tree. The first son said Father that tree was very crooked and it was dry. No  no he was absolutely green but maybe he was missing something because there was not a single fruit on him. The second son said while stopping the first one. Then the third son said Brother you seem to have seen a wrong tree because I really saw a pear tree it was very magnificent and was laden with fruits. And the three sons started arguing with each other about them selves  then the king got up from his throne and said sons you have no need to argue among your selves in fact all three of you are correctly describing the tree. I deliberately sent you to search the tree in different seasons and what you saw was according to that season. I want you to tie the knot on the basis of this experience. if you want correct and complete information about then you should check it for a long time. Then whether it is a subject an object or a person. every season is not the same just as the tree dries green or is full of fruits according to the weather similarly the life of human beings are fluctuating so if you are ever going through a bad phase. So keep your courage and patience time changes. do not stick to it by accepting your words as right open your mind and also know the thoughts of others. This world is full of knowledge even if you cannot earn all the knowledge alone do not hesitate to seek advice from a person in a state of confusion.

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