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There are thousands of people in every field of life, whose careers are most disappointing, simply because they do not keep themselves in a physical and mental condition to do their best and the highest thing possible to them. There are many in this world who at middle age and old age are at the same level when they left the school. The man who trains himself to decide things quickly and to put his decision instantly has a tremendous advantage over the weak vacillating character. He saves minimize amount of time and energy which the other wastes in considering and reconsidering a question from every angle and never come to a firm and final decision. His mind is crowded with all sorts of half-decided questions and propositions hanging fire. It is impossible for the habitual balancer, the man who is always weighing and reconsidering to develop strength of purpose because such a man cannot stand by his decision. When a thing is coming up for reconsideration, when the action is delayed and the argument for and against is delayed, effective action is always lost. One of the first things for a young man who wishes to make an effective life is to get out of every weakness, every defect that would handicap his efforts. To make a decision a few practical suggestions need to be adopted. First get every bit of information and then decide quickly and firmly. The man who decides quickly can afford to make a mistake now and then. One reason why many people have poor judgement is because they don't trust it; instead they let other people decide for them. When we learn to trust ourselves and have confidence in our decisions, a proper way will open for a sound judgement. Let a decision be final; burn the bridges behind and don't leave open a convenient way of retreat. a leader must be honest. People should realise whether or not they can depend on what you say. Secondly, we should have the ability to implement our decisions. One should have the ability to think quickly and come to conclusions. Thirdly, one should be a hardworker. When you are putting extra hours when others are playing will make one a good leader. Fourthly, one should have the courage to stand by his decision. Fifthly, one should be cheerful and optimistic to make decisions and stand by it. Lastly, one should have that extra ability to organise and execute and stand by his decision.

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