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Reagan surprised his constituents by being reasonable and sensible. To address an inherited budget deficit he agreed to a tax increase. He worked with Democrats for property tax relief and welfare reform.
His success as governor fueled his bid for presidency a bid that divided his supporters. While most agreed that he did well as a young politician, many felt that he needed more experience before gunning after higher office. Regardless, he won the Republican nomination and beat out President Jimmy Carter by a considerable amount.
Reagan was lauded for both his work in foreign and domestic affairs. His goals were clear  reignite the economy, lower taxes, reign in federal government, and address the Soviet Union by building up the military. With the threat of a nuclear war on their heads, he wanted to negotiate from a position of strength.
The unforgettable attempt at assassination of the president had his ratings soaring. Sadly, a little later on the United Stated suffered from a depression due to a poorly passed economic program. The fact that revenue cuts ran deep as military spending soared had the country suffer, however the economy rose again in 1983 that helped Reagan focus on foreign affairs once more.
Many milestones followed as his thrusts on foreign affairs became his worst and best legacies, it showed that he had the highest approval rating of any outgoing president since Roosevelt. Reagan  a considerably simple man ended up taking the highest office in the land and left on a high note. Men like Reagan further prove that with passion, effort and love, any man can truly make a change and achieve whatever they dream to achieve.
Every time someone talks about the evolution of traveling in outer space, there is no doubt that the name Neil Armstrong comes to pass. He was certainly destined for the history books by being the first man to land on the Moon but who was he before he spearheaded the most iconic adventure of mankind in space?
Neil Alden Engel Armstrong was born on the 5th of August 1930 in Auglaize County, near Wapakoneta Ohio. The first of three siblings, young Neil had an extreme passion for flying planes as a result of his father bringing him to the Cleveland Air Races at the mere age of two. At age five, Neil flew the infamous Ford Trimotor along with his father also called the Tin Goose, and eventually took flying lessons in the Wapakoneta airfields while he was attending high school. Not only was Neil active in flying planes, he was also one of the most distinguished Eagle Scouts of Ohio being awarded by the Boy Scouts of America with the prestigious Eagle Scout Award and Silver Buffalo Award. By then, Neil was on the way to greatness.

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