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Once a king was doing justice in the court. Two complainants were standing in front of him who came to the court seeking justice. The king told them to have their own favor, both of them took their side in turn.
Raja was busy playing with his small child when the first man had put his side. He was less attentive and when the second was on his side, the king listened to him carefully, according to which the king made his decision in favor of the second complainant, who was shocked to hear that everyone seemed innocent. Nobody dared to tell the truth in front of the king.
The next day the son of the first man entered the court, he was asked why he had come, then he said to the king  Rajan! I want a justice from you. The king said what kind of justice Then he said There is a kingdom, where my father took his complaint and he put his side but the king fell asleep while listening to them and when he got up, the king listened to the other person and gave his decision in his favor. Hey Rajan! Now tell whether this decision is correct? And what should the complainant and courtier do at such a time.
Then the king replied that the verdict is not right and at such a time both the courtier and the complainant should speak the right thing to the king because the complainant has to bear the punishment without talking and the courtier is also a part of justice. The king is no god, it can also be a mistake. In such a situation the court has the right to give its viewpoint to the king because the prestige of the entire state depends on any justice. Hearing this the head of all the court bowed with shame.
At the end of the king talk, the son of the complainant said to the king Rajan That king is you you have punished my father, when he was putting his side in front of you  were busy playing with your son, and therefore you did not listen to the whole thing and nobody dared to speak in front of you. As a result, my father has been facing punishment for the last two days.
Hearing this, the king changed his justice and rebuked the courtiers. Along with this, the king greeted the son of the truth-speaking complainant and thanked him. Due to this, both the king and the court have got a very important lesson today as a reward, the king put that truthist in the important post of the state and provided him a job in the workshop.

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