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Give yourself some love. Give your world some goodness. Fortify your words, thoughts, actions, with truth. Invigorate your relationships with thoughtfulness, with kindness. Refresh your sense of purpose by choosing what is good, just because it is good. Find great joy in life's beauty without needing to possess it, or control it, or consume it. Leave behind the weariness of struggling to keep up deceptive appearances. Feel the sweet relief of allowing authenticity. Carry hope into dark corners where it has been missing for too long. Allow peace to settle upon ground that has been exhausted by strife. With your choices, your perspective, your energy, enable life to flourish at its highest level. Envision true betterment, for yourself, for all, and let your life be its faithful advocate. What will you make real in your world today? There are so many possibilities. Will you focus so heavily on your fears that you create and empower the very things you fear? Or will you fill yourself with positive visions that your awareness and actions can then bring to life? The expectations you have carry a great amount of power. So choose today to expect the best you can imagine in every situation. Your thoughts attract people, objects and circumstances that closely match those thoughts. Be sure to make them peaceful, positive and empowering thoughts, and they'll be faithfully reflected in your world. The way you see things determines what you see, and what you see determines the substance that your life creates.

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