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Reagan was a natural on radio. His inexperience did not hold him back as he did radio commercial. This soon progressed to being a staff announcer for a channel called WHO in Iowa. Reagan had a stable career path by the time he was doing sportscasts of Big Ten Football and recreating Chicago Cubs baseball games. This proved Reagan had enough charisma and personality for a radio, but he was about to find out he was good looking enough for film too.
He already had the acting chops from his theatre experience in high school, however him looking like an actor who recently passed away (one that Warner Brothers were trying very hard to replace) was pure luck. He met a Hollywood agent in California in 1937 by chance and that was it.
In the span of 20 years  Reagan was in 52 films. He became a huge Hollywood actor, noted for his works on films such as Knute Rockne All American and Kings Row. His work was vast  from action films to light comedies. He was well loved in the industry for both his quality of work and his work ethic. Expectedly he had the heart of Hollywood easily.
Past his acting prime Reagan was still both active and influential in the Screen Actors Guild as he fought for better benefits and pay for actors. Having said that his real dip into politics didnt start until he did speeches for Republican presidential nominee, Richard Nixon.
His real interest in policies had much to do with his financial stability. As he landed 1 million contract, he expressed resentment paying high taxes and shared the same sentiments with middle corporate middle managers. Reagan, at the time doing speeches for companies such as General Electric, slowly shifted his speech’s focal point from his Hollywood career to complete political ideology and importance of citizen’s individual freedom. This spurred his bid for Governor of California in 1966 which he won.

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