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In life, we experience different types of situations, some good and some tough. There is a constant movement in our lives and the situations and experiences that come our way. Throughout this journey of life, it is important to remember that we have a choice - a choice to manage difficult situations by being in an inner mental position of fear or love. Facing a particular situation with love means that we are choosing compassion as our response emotion. Also, we are aware of the fact that it is a temporary situation and we will not let the situation define us and influence our emotions negatively. In many different ways, we can compare a way of facing difficult times in life to experiencing sightseeing as a tourist, who is only collecting experiences of life for a while, and then will leave for home. Let's explore this comparison through this message: While traveling, we often let our tour guide put together the itinerary for us, and decide on what to see or how much time to spend in one place. We do so, because someone else can make the planning decisions, and as a result, make things simpler for us and allow us to sit back and enjoy our journey. Similarly in life, we should train ourselves in a way that whatever life offers us, we can accept it and turn it into a beautiful possibility to succeed. We should remember that no situation in life is unsolvable, and that it is constantly evolving. Just like a traveler on a tourist destination, we can make our little choices in our thoughts, words and actions. Every choice will have a result, which we must learn to accept joyfully.

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