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With Prime Minister Narendra Modi announcing the formation of a 15 member Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teertha Kshetra Trust in Lok Sabha, the temple card came into play ahead of the Delhi Assembly elections. It added a Hindutva layer to the BJP's poll campaign that was essentially focused on robust nationalism. Whether or not the Trust would give the Delhi BJP an incremental lift remains to be seen. For, it is up against the smartest player in the ring AAP head and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. But with the VHP expected to increase the temple drumbeat, this time for raising funds and mobilising people to own up the construction process by sending kar sevaks to Ayodhya from across the country, attention could shift a tad from the ongoing protests against the three acronyms that have currently captured the nation’s mind space CAA, NRC and NPR. As mandated by the Supreme Court, the UP government allotted five acres abutting the Lucknow highway in Dhannipur village of Ayodhya district to the UP Sunni Wakf Board to build a mosque. That Dhannipur is part of the Raunahi township, which has high Muslim density and literacy, and is known for communal amity is significant. But the village is about 20 km from Ayodhya, which has upset a section of litigants. But it satisfies the demand of the temple town's saints that the land for the new mosque should be outside the main parikrama routes of Lord Ram's birthplace.
For the BJP, the full political payout could be timed for the 2022 UP Assembly polls, as most of the construction work is expected to be wrapped up by then. And by making a Dalit a permanent member of the Trust, it apparently sent a pointed message on social engineering specially to the most populous state, which has a sizeable Dalit vote bank. On the flip side, competitive mobilisation to change the national narrative may make for good political optics, but its impact on the social fabric could be adverse. Both sides ought to scale down their aggression in national interest.

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