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In ancient times there used to be an ideal king named Vikramaditya. King Vikram was famous for his courage, valor and valor. It is also said that King Vikram used to roam the city in disguise at the watch of the night to know the pain and pain of his life. And also used to take away the sorrows of the afflicted. Many books and stories have been published on the stories of Raja Vikram and Betal
The ancient literature talk article Betal Pachisi was composed 2500 years ago by Mahakavi Somdev Bhatt.  And accordingly King Vikram tried to take Betal out of the tree twenty five times and every time on the way, Betal told a new story to King Vikram.
A tantric performs a tantric ritual of giving up a healthy Brahmin son with thirty-two symptoms. So that his devilish powers increase further. That is why he follows a Brahmin son to kill him. But the Brahmin son runs away into the forest and there he finds a phantom, who gives the Brahmin son the powers to escape from that tantric and tells him to hang upside down on the tree in the phantom form. And it also says that as long as he stays on that tree, that tantric will not kill him. The same Brahmin son is Betal.
The hypocritical tantric pretends to be a monk yogi. And after listening to the valor and valor of the king Vikram, he sets a trap to get his work done.  And the king sends Vikram a delicious fruit offering every day during the journey. Inside it is a precious gem ruby. To find out this distinction King Vikram searches for that beggar. King Vikram eventually finds him.

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