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I am sorry to interfere with the arrangements for the announcement of the concert season but at the same time I am compelled to say that I think the form proposed is not likely to have the effect of introducing new members to the society. I fear the psychological effect of the wording of the circular, which is more like a command or instruction than an invitation. I think it will provoke a feeling of resentment in the  minds of those whom you are addressing, and at the same time convey a false impression. I am conscious of no selfishness in communicating with you on the matter because it is quite immaterial to me whether the  membership  is large or small but as the instructor and conductor of the I must in self-defence warn the committee  against a possible misconstruction of their circular. I  think you will be able to induce them to change it. I have been wanting to see you for some time and If you will call some time during the coming week I shall be  glad of a little  conversation with you.  
    Here with we have pleasure in forwarding to you several mining market cutting from this morning’s papers and  we hope to add there to within a day or two. Papers, and we hope to add thereto within a day or two. The old mines have been strongly supported, in consequence of the announcement of the success of recent crushing operation and as the labour costs are likely to be reduced shortly there is no reason why the experiments should not be carried further. You will recollect that we warned you against your extreme hopefulness regarding  the possibility of profit from the new working; but you were sanguine to the point of recklessness, Irregularities in the directorship have come to light and unfortunately, our pronouncement as to the mineralogical conditions has been amply justified. We shall send you a supplemental report later, and will keep you  constantly advised of any changes in the backyard.  
Chambers of Commerce are to be found in the chief centres of the country. They take in hand the collection of information for both importers and exporters and they gather in their files wonderful facts and figures dealing with matters of importance to their members. There are  usually different sections under different chairmen, for different trades such as  the  leather trade and these sections naturally endevour to centralize their effors on the particular business in which their members are engaged. The chambers keep a watchful eye upon legislators so as to enter an early protest against any legislation likely  to hinder  international trade.

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