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Accidents in the Indian Railways

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The Indian Railway-net-work is supposed to be largest in Asia and the fourth biggest in the world. There has been a few pockets of private railways in India, until recently, but now the whole national Railway net work is nationalised and  runs on the biggest public sector undertaking.
The first train in India moved on wheels from Bombay to Thana in April 1853. It was a distant of 33 kilometers. Today the total assets of the Indian Railways is over 5345 crores with an annual revenue of over 2000 crores.
Several new modernization plans are a foot to upgrade the Indian Railway Electric traction in one such effort. Passengers amenities have been given a top priority. This includes improvements in the cleanliness of accomodation, provision of super fast trains and other such services.
However one of the drawbacks of modern travelling is high risk of accidents. Hardly a day passes when we do not hear the news of railway accidents. There are several factors governing these railway accidents, Several of these accidents occur because of torn out and unserviced rolling stock. The number of passenger vehicles and wagons in service have practically doubled in recent years, without the proper service. Th coaching vehicles and locomotives require constant servicing. While the route kilometers are ever increasing in the Indian Railways, the supporting infra-structure has not been modernised to that extent. This results in accidents.

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