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She was beautiful. every aspect of her body, every inch of her height, every strand of her hair. Oh her hair. It was a beautiful dark brown... her eyes. Her eyes were an amazing brown. She was pure Asian. I loved her. We were together for 9 months and I was planning on travelling up to her in one more week. Lol we "loved each other so much, we did bad stuff over the phone" until one day, she left. I guess it was because of my lack of communication. It had to be. I hadn't spoken to her in 3 months because I was to stupid to pay my phone bill. I was to interested in the high feeling that a drug of herbal smoke had replaced my feelings of comprehension with, that I wasted my money on the entity of drug paraphernalia. I seen all that coming in a flash of light. It was too late. I called one day to find that I had been replaced. He sounded rough. I hated him. For what though? It was in my own actions that I screwed myself over. I never realized that when I said "I love you" I meant it as a place holder as she really meant it. I'll never forget when I called her that day to hear an unfamiliar male's voice. "Hmm-mmm" She said, then about five seconds later, he came to the phone. Oh my. But I've grow stronger since the last time I've heard her voice. I remember when every breath I took was heavy with her. I was too scared of losing her that I failed to realize my fate in front of me. holding on to a miracle wasn't enough because I became homeless, I got addicted to weed, I dropped out of school. I ruined my life. I did all this because I was too focused on my relationship that I lost sight of my life. I am better now. I am now at Job Corps getting my life together, In reality, we were all born to die. Some with more stuff than others. At least now I will live my life happily with my education, my wife, and my house. All thanks to a girl. all because she left.

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