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AC STAR TYPING --total government -(300 words)-- for SHSL exam

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The first and foremost duty of a citizen is loyalty to the country of his birth or adoptions. Patriotism does not mean My country fight or wrong. It means that is a national crisis or danger, a citizen must be prepared to do the greatest self-sacrifice for her welfare, even the sacrifice of his family. The national cry of England is England expents everyone to do his duty, Truly the blood of the heroes and martyrs is the seed of a nation. One should even be prepared to spill one's blood rather than bring a blot upon the fair name of one's country.
A good citizen must never think of making an encroachment upon the rights of other citizens. He must look with an eye of reverence upon what really belongs to others. the history of India supplies us with noble instances of it. He must have great respect for the laws and institutions of his country. He must have no sympathy with crime which is at best a breach of law. He may use all constitutional means in his power, such as public speaking, writing to the press, and the use of his vote, to get such law reformed or replaced. But so long as a law, he must obey it.
A good citizen must be a friend of law and order, He must strain every nerve in putting down crimes, and removing the sources of disorder and crimes, and removing the sources of disorder and disruption that revege the country. He must assist the Government in bringing law-breakers to book. Criminaks must be made to feel that they have not only the police but also all respectable citizens only the police but also all the.

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