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AC STAR TYPING --Our Civilization (300 words)-- for SHSL exam

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Our civilization, as each of us is uncomfortably aware, is passing through a time of crisis. Whey should this be. What are the causes of our present troubles. They are all due, in the last resort to the fact that science has been applied to human affairs, but not applied adequately or consistently. In the past, man's worst enemy was Nature. He lived under the continual threat of famine and pestilence a hot summer could bring death to whole nations, and every winter was a menace. Mountains stood like a barrier between people and people a sea was less a highway than an impassable division. Today, Nature. though still an enemy, is an enemy almost completely conquered. Our present troubles are not due to Nature. They are entirely artificial, genuinely homemade. The very arts and sciences which we have used to conquer Nature have turned on their creators and are conquering us. The present crisis is of our own making. We have brought it on ourselves by allowing our mechanical and agricultural science to develop more rapidly than our economical science. We cannot buy what we produce and are, therefore, compelled to keep our factories idle and idle and let our held he fellow. Millions are hungry, but wheat has to be throuwn into the sea. This is where, at the moment, science has brought us. What is the remedy? Some thinkers tell us that we must return to Nature mother words, abandon science altogether and live like primitives. The trouble with this advice is that it cannot be followed. No back to Nature is not practical politics. The only cure for science is more science, not less. We are suffering from the effects of a little science badly applied. The remedy is a lot of science, well applied.  

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