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Mother Teresa, the Albanian born Nun, truly deserves the highest honours that have been bestowed upon her. A nobler character history has not known. She has devoted her life to the service of the suffering. The Nobel Prize Lady has done so much work that one cannot but wonder at the stamina she possesses. Although most of her work has been conducted in Calcutta yet that fact in no way diminishes its significance. Mother Teresa is the third India and the First Indian woman to be awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize.  
Untiringly she is looking after the diseased, handicapped and the Orphans. Through her dedication she is a ray of hope for the tormented and suffering humanity. In spite of the differences due to her religious beliefs, the helpless people treat her as their own and are devoted to her. When Mother Teresa works the poor souls vie with each other to just touch the fringes of the clothes of the angel of peace. Majestically, she goes about her mission with humility, draped in her blue bordered white Khadi Sari. The Bharat Ratna award for the year 1980 has gone to her Bharat Ratna herself. These two are not the only honours given to her. Mother Teresa has risen to that height where prizes and awards hold no significance. She has won enormous praise and numerous prize from all corners of the world, in recognition of her selfless service The tall lady by virtue of her own stature as well as that of her selflessness and piety has dwarfed, God alone knows, how many of humans. The mother is the most humane human, the living Jagat Mata. The revered Mother Teresa is known as the 'Saint of the gutters'. She carries a halo round her benign countenance angel of peace, pity piety... May Lord bless her. Mother Teresa was conferred the Soviet Land Nehru Award on November 15, 1990.

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