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Unemployment Problem—  We can see millions of youth of our country roaming about in search of jobs. A large majority of them belongs to the educated class and the uneducated youth far out number them. They are neither educated nor trained for any gainful employment. The employment exchanges register the names of thousands of youth everyday but to no purpose.  
India is a welfare state and it is the duty of the government to provide gainful employment to these people. But for any government it is an uphill task, as every year millions of educated and uneducated youth enter the employment market. Thus this problem needs a permanent solution. We can see in other countries of the world where the governments give unemployment allowance to thousands of youth till they are absorbed against suitable vacancies. But the population of those countries is not so large as that of India. Moreover, those countries have got a big employment market because the industries are in an expanding state there.
 In India, the population problem is causing a great headache to the government. Even year hundreds of new schools are being opened. Moreover, the rural youth remain unemployed because their parents either don't possess land or the land holdings do not yield enough for the new families to be supported with dependably. Furthermore, the spread of education in the rural areas is compelling the youth of countryside to migrate to the urban areas find employment. Sometimes they feel a sort of inferiority complex in undertaking the profession of farming in the country side. The urban youth can be absorbed in new industries or the youth may be helped to set up their own industrial units and thus be gainfully. Employment Unemployment Furthermore industrial undertaking

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