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Speak Only Encouraging, Loving and Inspiring Words

created Oct 31st 2017, 12:44 by Geraldine Kelly



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  Every person has the ability to create harmony, order, and peace within themselves, and in their world.  When you speak words in agreement with  
  the desired conditions, you help bring them into manifestation.  Your words are powerful prayers.  Your words help you to realize your oneness  
  with God and God's will of good for you.  Words have the power to change you, to express your love for others, and to change all of the current life  
  circumstances for the good.  May you use words wisely, helping you to create the good you desire.  May God guide the words that come from your  
  lips. and the thoughts of your mind.  May you speak words of truth and love  for the betterment of yourself and the betterment of others.   

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