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a flooded neighborhoo

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One of my students was being evacuated when I called to check up on her. I can only imagine what she and other kids are going through right now.
More than 160 public school districts and 30 charter schools in Texas have been closed. School was supposed to start next Tuesday, but the storm has put that in question. “I don’t think we know for sure when everybody will be back,” a spokeswoman for the Texas Education Agency said on Tuesday.
We should be making lesson plans and study schedules. Now we’re worried about students who don’t have shelter or enough food.
My phone has been buzzing for days with alerts about tornadoes and flash floods. My friends and I text one another images of the roads we once drove on that are now under water or have collapsed. Heartbreaking photos of friends and students who need to be rescued are circulating on Facebook and Instagram.
My experience of the storm started when I came home on Thursday from work, where I’d been preparing for the coming school year. A carefully folded letter from my apartment complex’s managers had been slipped into the gate to my patio:

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