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Days are not of equal value in one's life. Some bring happiness while others bring sadness. Sadness and happiness both are equally important to man's life, since they are the two sides of a coin. As we cannot forget the happiest day, we are unable to forget the saddest day of our life too. The saddest day of my life was the Diwali Day. Diwali is considered to be a happy festival and till last Diwali, it was my favorite festival. On last Diwali, my sister, my brother and I were busy lighting the fireworks. I was holding a fuljhari in my hand and unfortunately my younger brother, who was standing just beside me, had a cracker in his hand. This cracker caught fire and a very loud explosion was heard which shook my sister and me. After that, we all could think of nothing else than blood stained cotton, bandage, dettol etc. My cousin took my brother to the doctor where he got 14 stitches in his forefinger and thumb. But at home, everybody kept cursing and blaming me for the mishap. That night, I could not sleep and I cried a lot. For next few days, I bore the burden of this blame for being responsible for this unfortunate incident. I felt deeply guilty conscious which I was able to overcome after a long time.

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