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888 - cavetown

created Nov 5th, 15:25 by speedyfroggy



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walking in figures of eight i hope im not too late figure eight clouds im working things out clouds looking strange papercut fingers dancing on the strings if i could see you right now i'd dance just for you when the nightlight goes out would you dance for me too im counting on you the corner shop closes in under an hour lets buy too much booze and get drunk in the shower thinking in figures of eight and its easy cause i know what it adds up to every day is the same but you gave me a brand new set of numbers lifes in a different colour would you dance for me too we'll make peppa pig plasters the coolest new trend i never asked for my childhood to end im trapped in my tiny human brain and its killing me but im fine yeah im alright if i move my hands fast enough i wont die if i move my hands fast enough i wont die

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