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A long time ago a farmer lived in a village. He used to get up at dawn every day and go to get clean water from distant waterfalls. For this work he used to take two big pitches with him which he used to tie in a pole and hang it on both sides of his shoulder.
One of them was broken from somewhere and the other was absolutely right. Due to this only one and a half pot of water was available to the farmer who reached home every day. This had been going on for two years. The right pitcher was proud that the whole water reaches the house and there is no shortage in it while on the other hand the potted pot was could reach the house and the It goes waste. The potted pot got very upset thinking all this and one day he was no more he told the farmer I am ashamed of myself and want to apologize to you Why The farmer asked What are you ashamed of  Maybe you dont know but I am torn from one place and for the last two years I have been able to get only half of the water I should have brought home I have a huge deficiency in it and because of this your hard work would have been wasteful. It is.  Said the broken pitcher sadly.
The farmer was a little sad to hear the pitcher and said Never mind I want you to look at the beautiful flowers coming in the way while returning today.
The pitcher did the same he kept looking at the beautiful flowers all the way due to this his sadness went away but by reaching home  half of the water had fallen from inside he became disillusioned The farmer said Perhaps you did not notice that all the flowers that were on the way were just on your side there was not a single flower on the right pitcher. This is because I always knew the deficiency in you and I took advantage of it. I sowed seeds of colorful flowers on the road on your side you watered them a little bit every day and made the whole road so beautiful. Today because of you I am able to offer these flowers to God and make my house beautiful. Think you if you were not the way you are would I have done all this  
Friends there is some deficiency in all of us but these deficiencies make us unique. Like that farmer we should also accept everyone as he is and pay attention to his goodness and when we do this the broken pitcher will also be valued as a good pitcher.

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