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As the House knows, the Prime Minister sent out a circular to all the States a few years ago requesting that the portfolio of agriculture in the States should not be neglected; it should be entrusted to an important Minister. I think the National Development Council considered this question and they said that as far as possible, the Chief Ministers in the States should handle the portfolio themselves. And then, they have started a Food Production Board in the Cabinet itself at the Centre, and the National Development Council has decide that an agricultural production board should be started in each State with the Chief Minister as the Chairman. They have started an agricultural machinery board for supplying machinery. They have taken many steps in addition to the normal measures. The Government has been doing their very best in this regard. But with all that, it has not kept up with the targets fixed, unless earnest and vigorous attempts are made. I wish to throw out my own suggestions in this regard. They may not be very pleasant but I wish to be excused because I am speaking from experience. Madam, the first thing is that so far as the producing agency is concerned, Its voluntary interest and its enthusiasm must be won. For instance, in industrial labour relations, we got out of the way to invite labour and give it even participation in the management and to do everything for labour. This is just to see that industrial relations are good and the industrial output will be increasing day by day. Should we not show some consideration for this producing agency, namely, the farmer? Mr. Thomas has shown how agricultural products, even at these increased prices, are not paying to the agriculturist. He has shown that very correctly, and everyone who has intimate connection with agriculture at least will agree to that, and if at all anything, that is an under- estimate, not an over-estimate. When that is so, how can we expect the farmer to produce unless he is enthused?  

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