Italian leaderboard

Various rankings specific to 10FF.
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Italian leaderboard

Post by Linsk » Sat May 09, 2020 12:15 pm

Hi fast fingers! :)

This leaderboard lists the 100 best scores of all times achieved in Italian normal mode (only for logged in users).

How does it work?
To appear in this top, you just need to type in Italian, get a high enough score and link your 10FF account here (logged off scores will be ignored). For faster updates, feel free to DM me on the 10FF Discord at Linsk#1785.
Your account must not be banned for cheating or have been deleted. If you own multiple accounts, only the one with the highest score will be shown. Providing a verification video is not mandatory but strongly recommended to dispel any doubt about the legitimacy of your record.

I need your help!
Despite the long hours of research browsing thousands of profiles, this top may be incomplete. Also I don't check the rankings every single day and anyway I manage many lists in several languages. So, if you like this list and want to keep it updated as often as necessary, your help will be invaluable and greatly welcome.
If you see an update to do, a mistake to fix, a user to add/remove from the list or simply if you have a question/feedback, feel free to reply to this topic or contact me on Discord. ;)


Italian Typing Test (normal)

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Re: Italian leaderboard

Post by Renaleteto » Wed Jul 15, 2020 4:05 pm

Hi, I would like to be included in the leaderboard document, here is a link to my account:
Thanks for the work on the leaderboard!

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